The Company

In 1968 a small chicken farm was founded by Carrer and Nicolini families, specializing in the raising and selling livestock chicken in Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul, southern of Brazil. With much dedication and hard work from its collaborators, in 1979, the owners decided to take a step forward by building a slaughterhouse, currently Frigorífico Nicolini. This new enterprise has become a landmark for its owners and collaborators, as it represented the overcoming of challenges and strength of family labor.

Since its foundation, Frigorífico Nicolini has continued to grow. Presently, the slaughterhouse owns two chicken industrial plants, one located in Nova Araçá and the other one in Garibaldi, both in southern of Brazil. In addition to these two plants, the company has five strategic sales branches, which are responsible for the distribution of its products in several cities of Rio Grande do Sul. Beyond this activity, the company is proud of contributing in the region’s economy and generates more than 3,000 jobs.

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